I’ve written a fair few blog posts now so I need to put together an archive. Here is an organised selection of the vast majority of my posts. Enjoy!

Teaching and Learning


Top Ten Tips for Questioning: My most popular post by a country mile!

Questioning and Oral Feedback – Our Bread and Butter: A post on and oral feedback based on whole school training.

Question Time and Asking ‘Why’: a recent post on questioning – with some useful research and prompt resources.

Great Questions are the Answer: an early post developing my thoughts about the importqnce of questioning.

Inclusive questioning: a simple post with some modelled questions.



Making your Marking Policy a Feedback Policy: practical resource and rationale for improving feedback.

Improving Written Feedback: simple, practical and useful ideas.

Oral Feedback – Top Ten Strategies: does what it says on the tin!

Crafting and Drafting: Creating a Culture of Excellence: feedback Berger style.

Motivation Students Using Gallery Critique: Rob Berger once again the source for effective feedback strategy.


Other notable Teaching and Learning Posts:

Explanations: Top Ten Tips: lots of research but hopefully still practical.

Post It Note Pedagogy – Top Ten Tips: some useful strategies based on a cheap resource.

Top Ten Group Work Strategies: for all the constructivists out there, some common grouping strategies.

Effective Revision Strategies: a veritable buffet of cognitive science research to focus on what works for revision.

Effective Exam Revision – ‘Drill Baby Drill!’: a useful focus on exam practice.

Do Some Flipping Revision!: an exploration of some revision methods using the grandly labelled ‘flipped learning’.

Shared Writing – Modelling Mastery: one of my personal favourite teaching strategies.

The Three R’s and Aiming for Outstanding: a look at lesson planning for successful lessons.


Teacher Coaching and Related Posts on Teacher Improvement

Can Coaching Help Transform Teacher Quality?: Of course, the answer is yes!

Becoming a Better Teacher by ‘Deliberate Practice’: you may note my near obsession for DP!

Becoming a Better Teacher – Teachers Doing it for Themselves: My post on self-improvement used for my #TMClevedon presentation.

Coaching In Schools – My Top Five Reads: not your typical Coaching books.

Confidence – The Rosetta Stone of Teaching: one on the emotion related to the profession.

Failing with Confidence: written with NQTs in mind, but applies to everyone.

Overcoming the OK plateau and Becoming a Better Teacher: based on a Guardian article about teacher improvement.

Doing it all over again in September…Only Better: a motivational post!

Beating the October Blues – Better Learning with Better Behaviour: originally written for NQTs on behaviour management etc.

Keep Getting Better – Coaching In Our English and Media Faculty: an outline of our approach to coaching.


Marginal Gains Posts

Using Marginal Gains for Self-Assessment: the one with the useful bike wheel!

Student Learning with the Aggregation of Marginal Gains Model: more MG strategies & rationale.

New Teaching Ideas – Making Marginal Gains: some useful questioning and feedback strategies.

School Improvement: The Dave Brailsford Model: useful ideas for school leaders.


Politics and Polemics

We should Mistrust Ken Robinson: a critique of TED talk glamour and too much focus on educational gurus. It is nothing personal!

A Letter to Stephen Twigg by a Disillusioned Teacher: little has changed in my view of Twigg.

OFSTED Uncertainty Principle and Holding Steady: a popular OFSTED critique.

Reading with Michael Gove: some reasoned criticism of some of Gove’s pronouncements.

A Creative Curriculum Fit for 2013 and Beyond: a synthesis of some very good ideas and school models.

Evidence Driven Education: a reasoned appeal for evidence.

‘Against the Laws’: an angry response to a loose jibe from David Laws.

All Eggs In one Basket’ – The Three Hour Exam: some research outlining why a narrow assessment system is dangerous.

Alfie Kohn: Acheivement at the Expense of Learning: a link to an interesting Kohn video.

Passion and Teaching – A Reply: a teacherly celebration of passion.

Universal Panacea – Revaluing Education: a post proposing better CPD, National College etc.


Posts for English Teachers

Why English Teachers Love Teaching Tragedy: a favourite of mine. A heartfelt celebration of English teaching.

The Spark of Reading: a scientific celebration of reading.

Reading Fast and Slow: different approaches to reading.


Learning with the iPad

iPad Apps for English Teaching and Learning: a useful list.

Why iPad over Android in the Classroom?: some research and points of comparison.

Can the iPad Enhance Reading in the Classroom: debate on the role of tech in reading.

Can the iPad really help Student’s Writing?: some approaches explored.

The Three Fs for Using Technology in the Classroom – Flexible, Frequent and Familiar: the changing role of technology explored.

The IPad as a Tool for Collaboration: Great Pedagogy and Cost Effective!: argument for a different approach to technology.


Notable Miscellany

Winning Ugly: The Secrets of ‘Gritty’ Teaching and Learning: an exploration of the importance of ‘grit’ and where it can be leveraged in our teaching practice.

The Top Five Essential Reads for Teachers: it does what it says really!

What Makes a Great Teacher: my take on a long-standing question.

Making the Learning Visible: Using Multiple Whiteboards: a philosophy for adapting the classroom for pedagogical purposes.

The Power of Habit and Helping Students Master their Habits: a useful post to consider based on my reading of habit changing.

Love English, Hate Maths?: my Guardian article defending Maths.

Cracking the Academic Code: a theory based post on scaffolding students’ language.

Making and Sustaining Habit Change in Education: my exploration of how the concepts from the Heath brothers’ book, ‘Switch’ can benefit education.

On my Blogging Anniversary – Why Write a Blog: a celebration of the power of blogging.

Is Character the Essential Student Outcome?: an exploration of ‘grit’ and non-cognitive qualities.

Wise Words for my Younger Self: a personal letter to myself as an NQT.

What my Parents Taught Me about an Education: another personal one – celebrating my parents as my role models.

A Taste of Berger – Reading ‘An Ethic of Excellence‘: one of my favourite books reviewed.

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