16 responses to “Make your ‘Marking Policy’ a ‘Feedback Policy’”

  1. arme3 says :

    Was thinking of getting some verbal feedback stampers for the dept, but had read some negative comments about their use on twitter: who are we doing this for? Etc etc. I think that this post highlights just how useful and essential the dialogue between student and teacher is, and that we cannot hope to maintain a detailed written dialogue in all students’ books – lesson by lesson; nor would we want to. Involving students is essential if they are to take ownership of their work and progress and become independent thinkers and writers. Great ideas that I will use for a ‘feedback policy’ too. Thanks. Any resources that you’ve posted would be fab as a DM too 🙂

    • huntingenglish says :

      Ignore the comments and go with what is right for your dept – it is all about context. We see them as really useful for a variety of reasons. For us, it is about raising the profile of oral feedback even higher – making time and space for it more explicitly.

  2. Chris says :

    Really practical and helpful post addressing exactly the issues we are currently working on in our Faculty. We are mid-way through revising our ‘Feedback’ policy ( as it will now be called – dropping the term ‘marking’!). Similarly to DIRT, we have adopted MAD time – Make a Difference -time dedicated each week to reflection and improvement on the week’s work. I like the spiders around oral feedback stamps idea! I know that the most useful feedback occurs in my discussions with students, but hadn’t yet found a way of recording that effectively. We’ve also done 1:1 time with GCSE students and agreed that it’s something we need to cascade into KS3. Brilliant! Thanks! Half-term thinking time is so valuable!

  3. Anna Kern says :

    Thank you for so much of inspiration! Perhaps I should re-start my blog?! Chris, did you ever try MAD-time for the teachers?

  4. Beth Budden says :

    Very interesting piece coming from my position as a primary school teacher. I completely agree with your idea of feedback as opposed to ‘marking’. I am always harping on about the point of so called ‘ marking’ and trying to explain this to parents and new teachers. There are a lot of people who still equate lots of ticks and crosses as the true mark of a diligent, effective teacher.

  5. schoolvp says :

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